Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leap Year


One year ago, on the day after Valentine's Day, I slipped going down my porch steps and broke my left ankle in three places.

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by; this winter has been mild, and snow-free for the most part. It's always a wonder to me how the winters can differ to such an extent, but El Nino , I love you. (Sorry, no squiggle over the n)

The last post that I made was during the summer, (shame on me). The writing spirit hasn't been much upon me, until now. We were caught up in, and overwhelmed by all of the work we need to get done on this place. We have done a lot of ripping out and changed our mind a number of times on what we want to do and how much we want to sink into this place.

We have made the decision to plug away, but not to stress out about getting it all done at once, as we are going to make this more of a summer home base, ultimately. Our major goal is to finish renovating the Airstream that I purchased before I knew my husband, and become mostly full-time RVers.
(See My Little Land Yacht for that story.)

The main focus of our renovation so far has been has been the bathroom. I'm talking right down to the frame, ceiling and walls. I am going to continue this in a separate post.

I shot this video the other day during some lovely weather.   Sorry that my lens was spotty.  Enjoy.