Before: The Interior

As I said on the previous page, the place was a filthy mess from the previous owner, who left as much stuff behind as they took with them when they left.

The first thing we had to do is get rid of the fleas before we even attempted to start removing things, especially the carpets.

I had already removed the carpets and trashed items before I took the pictures, for the most part.

Here we go:

The kitchen. It runs down the left side in the middle. It has quite a lot of space, the original propane four burner stove top and wall oven. The wall were all hot pink supplement with years of coated grease. The cupboard doors I have since removed as they were all damaged in some way or another. I had started to prime the cupboards as I am painting them all white, inside and out. 

This is were the dilapidated pantry shelves were. We ripped them out and will be completely rebuilding this area.

There is faux brick surrounding the area where the oven is installed and the furnace next to that as you start down the hallway.

As you can see, we have started to prime the walls. We had to take down the old ceiling fan that didn't work. The plywood
sub-floor turned out to be in good shape under the carpet. Lots of washing with bleach.

You can see the old Miller furnace on the left as we start down the hall. It is the original.
The hall was painted aqua and we had started to prime the left when I took this.
All of the walls have been damaged in some way or another. We are painting for now, but will be
replacing all of the wall paneling with bead board, we think.

Looking back toward the living room with the back door(which had to be replaced because it had been kicked out).
Thee bathroom and places for the washer and dryer are to the right. We were able to salvage two pieces of
furniture; one being the little pine side table on the left, and also a mahogany highboy chest of drawers.

Looking into the bathroom (ugh). A mess, but surprisingly the original seventies bathtub is in really good
condition.....  avacado-green and all.

Where the washer goes. The dryer sits on the left side of the BR door.

The back bedroom, which we opted to use. This mobile home has one in the front and one in the back. We removed the closet to have more room as the bedrooms only measure 11'4" x 11'4".

Bleach, bleach, bleach

A bit blurry, but the closet that we took out.

Bathroom again. You can see what the main priority is.

I almost didn't include this, it was so gross.

Looking from the back bedroom to the back door.

Back out to the kitchen area. You can see there has been more priming done. The handsome ginger cat is Punke and
the dog attached to the tail that you can see is Pongo.

This is the front bedroom that we will be using for our clothes and my sewing room. It also has a WC that be are going to take out and install a utility sink where I am able to dye fabrics etc.

So this is a bit of what we are up against. We have stopped, looked at each other more than once and said "what were we thinking?"  But we remind ourselves of what it will be when we finish, and it will be good.

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