Before: The Exterior

 We purchased our "Villa" in October of this year, and it was a complete wreck. As I said earlier,
our main goal was to just get it livable for the winter, which comes on fairly quickly and lasts for too many months here in the Northeast; Maine to be exact. We had to pick our battles for now.

These first pictures that I am posting are what we walked into when we were deciding whether to purchase the place or not. But even through all of the chaos, we could see the potential so we took the plunge.

Here we go.............

The Exterior:  The paint on it is not in that bad a shape all things considered. It was covered with the typical green mossy grunge that happens to any type of dwelling after time. Most all of the screens had been damaged from an unruly dog, but the windows had been replaced within the last six years.

The front  of our 1970 Crown Mobile Home. The roof is quite new, which is worth a lot. I would have originally had the flat roof exposed back in the day, but that doesn't work in an area where we can get upwards of two or three feet of snow at a time.
The from steps are solid, just needing a new coat of paint. All of the outside cosmetic painting we will save for the warm weather.

The Hitch will have a new cover and a place to put some plant pots, most likely.

The measurement of the home is 11'4" wide on the interior by 65' in length. Odd.
Junk everywhere. Again, the deck is almost new, just need some paint. The deck doors will need to be replaced
 so we covered them over with plastic of for the winter.  They wouldn't slide on the tracks, unfortunately.
This is just a partial pile of what we took out of the mobile, as well as the workshop.
And more....
And more.......
Bed springs anyone?

It even came with our own STOP sign along with another MEN WORKING sign that we called the DOT
to come retrieve.

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